The Club held a seminar on Sunday October 27th, organised by Margaret Armour. We had the great fortune to hold the day in the beautiful home of Myra Mills and for that we thank her very much.

The day started with Margaret Boulcott taking an interesting look at ring etiquette, a subject often overlooked to concentrate on rules and regulations. The audience gave many heartfelt nods of agreement during the talk and were given the chance to air their views. Next up was Maria McGuiness speaking about health in the Great Dane. We are fortunate to have such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person as our Breed Council Health Officer. At this point we broke for a most enjoyable three course lunch prepared entirely by Margaret.

Our next speaker was Sheena Booth who gave a highly entertaining and humorous talk on Raw Feeding. Along with raising lots of laughs it also promoted much lively discussion and uestions among the audience.

Our last speaker was local vet Neil McIntosh who spoke on all aspects of gastric torsion in its many guises. Many of us were surprised to hear some of the new perceived wisdom on this often fatal condition and I am sure everyone came away having learned something new. Last to take the floor was Sheen again, stepping in for the proposed speaker at the last moment. Ably assisted by her two models. Ronnie and Findlay, Sheena again gave a most amusing but informative talk and demonstration on handling.

This was a fun note on which to end a truly enjoyable day, spent among like minded people. Each speaker was presented with a beautiful piece of engraved glass and a bottle of wine and the Club thanks each one for taking the time to join us. Each participant was presented with a certificate prepared by Cath.

After more coffee and home baking everyone headed off into some extreme weather to make their way home, the only down side of an extremely entertaining day. Margaret is to be congratulated for all the time and effort she put in to make the day as enjoyable and smooth sailing as it turned out to be.

The only “people” left to mention are two stars of the day, Myra's two Danes, Roma & Stacey. The girls graced most of the talks, either lying at the speakers feet or circulating among the audience. Such great ambassadors, and they, after all, are what the whole day was about.

Feedback Received

What a great day spent at the Scottish Great Dane Seminar in the most fantastic venue and of course it would not have been complete without the hugs and kisses from the resident Great Dane girlies who I think went round everyone to say hello and made us smile with their antics.

A big thank you has to the organisers and speakers who contributed to the making of this event and for the knowledge sharing, the debating and the light hearted fun and not forgetting Findlay who stood wonderfully for so long in his handling section.

A HUGE thank you to Margaret who did all the cooking and baking which was no mean feat, everything was just perfect, except the weather of course!

Should there be a repeat or follow up Seminar it is certainly not one to be missed.
Shirley Akinosho

Well had a lovely day at the scottish Great Dane seminar well done to Margaret Armour for organise it the seminar was full of very good information which was very useful to us all. Must say the lunch was amazing well worth the money.
Ronnie Lawton

Fab day very informative and as u can imagine these two kept us smiling!!!!
Catherine Tulloch

I'd like to Thank the Scottish Great Dane Club for putting on the seminar today. It was informative and very funny. Take a bow ladies that organised it all, Cath and Margaret plus Myra (sorry I don't know your last name) for opening your lovely house to us all. The resident Danes where a laugh too plus one trying to steal cake but they did wait over an hour LOL!!! Our speakers where a good laugh as well and I am digesting all information. Al even took notes for the handling as this is what interested him the most. Thanks to Cath for making up the folder for Al it was very thoughtful of you, he graciously gave it up to Margaret one of the other speakers as she found it just as informative as Al.
Dee Sneddon