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From left to right
BIS: Allison's, Gretadane Honey Suckle. RBIS: Cullseandanes's, Tyrion The Imp. BPIS: Dinahtron's, Rags To Riches, BVIS: Harvey's, Clannalba Clansman Of Tayhamblue.


I would like to convey my thanks to the exhibitors for the lovely entry and the very sporting manner in which my decisions were accepted. My introduction to this beautiful breed was back in the 1970's in the form of the stunning Ch Timellie Cinnamon owned by Mr & Mrs McCrindle, he was a dog I greatly admired from the ringside and was always immaculately presented and at one with his handler, they were a picture of elegance. I therefore found it a great honour to be invited to judge the Scottish Club Open Show and for that I would like to thank the Officers and Committee.

PD (5, 0)

1 Roucandane Breaking Rules With Culseandanes. Res BD & BPD.
Upstanding 9 month old who is all male with super bone and substance. Stunning headpiece with balanced foreface/skull, dark eye and good earset. He has good length to his neck onto well laid shoulders, straight front legs and good feet. Balanced front and rear angulation with a level topline and good tailset. He moved extremely well in both directions, as expected at this age just needs to tighten up overall.

2 Tayhamblue Show Must Go On With Anadain. 6 month old,
Who was giving a lot away in this class but who I feel has a lot of promise. Has a lovely clean headpiece which is balanced and in proportion to his body. Good reach of neck and plenty of substance to him at this young age. I very much liked his shape and angles, moved very well for age.

3 Tayhamblue Stand By Me.

JD (4, 2)

1 Socar Nosey Parker At Dramalex.
Preferred this boy's balanced head, equal length foreface/skull, correct eye shape, well arched neck. Has good depth to his chest with spring of rib, straight front legs and neat feet. Ample bone with good body shape, level topline and good tailset, would have preferred more rear angulation. Well presented and handled.

2 Tayhamblue Thunderstruck At Mamdou.
Strongly built dog with width to his skull, just couldn't quite match 1 on cleanliness of head, has good eye and earset with ample reach of neck. He is strongly built with good depth to his chest and is well off for bone with neat feet. He also could do with more rear angulation which reflected in his movement.

ND (2, 0)

1 Darrington Wizard by Ravendane.
6 month old Harlequin who moved so much better in this class. Already has good strength to his skull and foreface, has a good reach of neck, front and rear angulation ok, well off for bone, topline ok, has plenty of time on his side.

2 Clannalba's Laidir Aonar.
Good length to foreface, broader in skull than I would prefer, good eye, earset and carriage. I would have preferred more reach of neck, good front angulation, straight front legs with good bone, has good depth of chest, balanced body proportions, level topline, would have preferred sounder movement.

LD (1,0)

1 Culseandanes Tyrion The Imp. BD, RBIS, BOS.
Quality male with plenty of bone and substance who was an absolute pleasure to go over. Dark eye and excellent ear placement along with his balanced head qualities giving the desired expression. Has a lovely arch to his neck onto good shoulders, straight front and neat feet. Depth to his chest, good spring of rib and level topline which he held at all times. Moved soundly in both directions, presented in well muscled condition which he used to drive round the ring. A cracking boy however I just preferred the rear quarters of the bitch in the challenge for BIS.

SpO Blu/Blk D (3,0)

1 Thebyreblue True Valour At Keishant.
This blue boy had the cleanest outline in this class. Length of foreface was good with strength to muzzle, broader in skull, has enough reach of neck with depth to his chest and good bone. Level topline which he held on the move. Has good rear angulation which he put to good use when moving.

2 Lamborghini Von Der Kieselbachquelle (Imp Deu).
Presented in super condition, has a strong headpiece however my preference would be for it to be a bit cleaner in lips and eye, has good reach of neck, plenty of depth to his chest, straight front and super feet. Level topline. Could not match 1 on the move today, lacking reach in front movement.

3 T Thunderstuck at Mamdou

SpO Hrl/Mtl D (2,0)

1 D Wizard by Ravendane.
2 El Gasparo Vom Hause Black Diamond (Imp Deu). Upstanding male who is well off for bone. Strong head, good eye and ear shape, has ample reach of neck, well laid shoulder, straight forelegs, good spring of rib, level topline, balanced rear angulation, moved well in profile, however I felt he was just a bit close in rear movement today.

Open Dog (1,0)

1 Allours Zeus.
Pleasing in head with balanced skull/foreface. Good earset and eye. Has ample reach of neck, would prefer more front angulation. Has depth of chest, straight front legs, neat catlike feet and good body proportions. Presented in hard condition. Lacked front extension on the move however moved well at rear.

SVD (1,0)

1 Clannalba Clansman Of Tayhamblue. BVIS. What a sweetheart at 9 years of age and thoroughly enjoying his day in the ring especially on the move. Not the biggest of males but is in proportion to his size, has a good reach of neck, straight front with neat feet. Thank you to his owner for bringing him under me today, he showed his heart out at all times, you should be so proud of him.

PB (8,0)

What a lovely class of puppy bitches.

1 Dinahtron Rags To Riches. BPB & BPIS. What a beautiful 9 month old baby who has the most stunning outline and carries herself so confidently at this young age. Her head is delightful, so well balanced with good length foreface, dark eye and good earset. Has a beautiful arch to her neck onto well laid shoulders, super bone and depth to her chest, straight front legs and catlike feet, level topline, well ribbed, balanced front and rear angulation which she used to full advantage on the move enabling her to cover the ground with ease. Was very well handled, however one note to her handler, she is far too beautiful to be hidden in the corner in the ring, pick a prime spot and show her off to full advantage.

2 Roucandane Phoenix Rising At Anadian. Another super puppy who really catches your eye and pushed 1 all the way. She has the most elegant head of good proportions with a very sweet expression, dark eye and good earset. Lovely reach of neck, well laid shoulders, straight front legs with neat feet, good depth to her chest, level topline and is well off for bone, balanced body proportions. Loved her well angulated rear quarters. She is beautiful standing and moved so well in both directions and in profile.

3 Calchas Yandamar Yours.

JB (3,0)

1 Jutlanders Are You Ready (Imp Deu).
Beautifully balanced at just 12 months old, really like her head properties, good length of foreface, kind dark eye and good ear placement, beautiful arch to her neck onto well laid shoulders, straight front and neat feet, level topline, correct body proportions, super rear angulation, moved very well both ways and in profile.

2 Lambrini Before the Dawn.
Beautifully presented mantle who was shown in the best of condition. Has a clean balanced head with dark eye and good earset. Good reach of neck onto well laid shoulders, straight front and ample bone. Level topline and super rear quarters which were well muscled enabling her to move very well. I am sure these two will swap places on many occasions.

GB (1,0)

1 Keishant Pandora. Good sized bitch,
Head was pleasing with good foreface, eye and earset, to be critical would prefer tighter lips, has a good reach of neck with arch, balanced front and rear angulation, straight forelegs with ample bone however would have preferred better feet. Good depth to her chest, well bodied with level topline, strong rear quarters which she used on the move.

LB (3,2)

1 Gretadane Honey Suckle. BB & BIS.
What a stunner this girl is, completely fills the eye with the most beautiful outline when standing. Has the most stunning headpiece with excellent length foreface, correct eye and good earset. Has a lovely arch to her neck, good depth of chest, straight front and neat catlike feet. Her topline was level and solid, she is well ribbed with balanced correct front and rear angulation. Sound on the move, as she should be with such good angles, reach and drive covering the ground effortlessly. Very well handled and presented in tip top condition.

SO Fwn/BrB (1,0)

1 Clannalba Eile Braigh Mharr For Karnduke.
Balanced bitch with a pretty head which had length of foreface and was balanced, lovely eye and earset. Required arch to her neck, balanced front and rear angulation, level topline, straight front with neat feet and good bone. Moved very well both coming and going.

SO Har/Mtl B (2,0)

1 Calchas Wincy Willis.
Beautifully marked harlequin bitch who was heavier set than my BB/RBB but pushed them all the way with her super sound, agile and fluid movement. She has a strong headpiece, good length of foreface, good eye and earset. Correct arch to her neck, well laid shoulders, super depth to her chest and is very well off for bone. Straight front legs and neat feet. Good spring of ribs, level topline with strong rear quarters. Presented in hard, immaculate condition and handled to perfection.

2 L Before The Dawn.

OB (1,0),

1 Ch Culseandanes House of Tully. Res BB.
Such a beautiful bitch who has size and excellent balance. She has the most stunning headpiece, correct length foreface, eye and earset giving a super expression. Has a beautiful arch to her neck and depth to her chest, is well ribbed with a level topline and super overall shape. Straight front, with good bone and neat feet. Well laid shoulders and well angulated rear quarters. Very sound on the move in the class, however I think the long day took its toll on her and sadly she just wasn’t as keen on the move for BB/RBIS.

F Miller (Judge)

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