UK Great Dane Clubs

Great Dane Breeders and Owners Association ~ Secretary: Mrs Maria Duckworth P: 01474 703470
The Great Dane Club ~ Secretary: Helen Laidlaw P: 01235 814533
The Great Dane Club of Wales ~ Secretary: Mrs Pat Patch P: 01179 560664
Midland & West of England Great Dane Club ~ Secretary: Mr Neil Morgan P: 0114 236 5098
Northern Great Dane Club ~ Secretary: Olivia Bates P: 01606 737444
South Western Great Dane Club ~ Secretary:Sally Lewis P: 01823 481959

East of England Great Dane Club ~ Secretary: Janice King P: 01733 222273
Pennine Great Dane Club ~ Secretary: Freda Parkin P: 01915 847836

UK Great Dane Rescue

Scottish Great Dane Rescue
The Great Dane Adoption Society
National Great Dane Rescue
Great Dane Care Charitable Trust

Breed Council

The Breed Council ~ Secretary: Olivia Bates P: 01606 737444

On behalf of the Breed Council Health Sub Committee, I am pleased to announce that our online UK Great Dane Breed Health Survey has now gone live. Information Chart

We hope that you will all take part in the survey which we believe will play an important role in protecting the welfare of our much loved breed. BC Health Survey 2021

Other UK Clubs

The Kennel Club
The Scottish Kennel Club

Overseas Clubs

Great Dane Club of America
Great Dane Club of New Zealand

Great Dane

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