The Scottish Great Dane club open show,held back to back with Border Union championship show. A very jovial and sporting atmosphere made for a good day. Many thanks to the committee, the wonderful exhibitors and two excellent stewards.

Puppy Dog 1 (0 abs)

1st. McIntosh Keirkanes Phenomenon. 7 mths fawn of a good size and substance. Nice head,with lots left to develop. Well set ears. OK mouth. Stands on good feet. Well boned and well angulated. Needs to drop into his rear.moved OK. Needs times and training. Lots of potential. Keep at it.

Junior Dog 8 (1 abs)

1st. Donnelly & Toohey Primus Breaking Rules. Fawn. Excellent, masculine head.Good dentition. With his long arched neck and excellent bone, he presents a good overall picture. Good angles and medium length of body and good width of thigh.He won this class with his free movement.

2nd. Cookes Kinnegans mission to Mars with Tantallon (ai)(IKC). Fawn. 12 months. All male. Larger frame than first. Good long and strong, straight bones. Very good topline and croup. Moved well for a young boy of his size. BPIB Congratulations!

Novice Dog 2 (0 abs)

1st. MacKenzie Carsan Vincent. 14mths blue.Good overall balance and proportions. Good head with well placed ears. Good mouth.Eyes could be darker. Solid topline and nice croup. Well boned.Moved steadily.

2nd. 1st place in puppy dog.

Graduate Dog 6 (2abs)

1st. Donnelly & Toohey Primus Breaking Out. 15mth fawn. Strong head. Dark eyes.strong and square in outline. Good angulation. Excellent ribbing. Short loin. very good width of thigh. Moved well.

2nd. Hollands Socar Nosey Parker at Dramalex. 2yrs fawn. Lovely head with good dark eyes and nice expression,enhanced by his neat ears,used to his advantage. Decent front assembly. Good topline. Still more to come ,he is not matured yet.

Limit Dog 3 (2abs)

1st. Baileys Primus Great Gatsby. 2.5 yrs fawn.Maturing nicely. He gets better each time out.Good overall make & shape. Excellent neck into good shoulder and solid,short backline. Good head proportions, dark eyes & tidy dentition. He could make more use of his ears. Moved well once settled.

Open black/ blue dog 6 (4 abs)

1st. Peppers Sarawen Arch Deacon. 4years blue. Quality, masculine head. Good mouth.well set ears. Good bone and neat feet. Not cooperating with his handler on the stand. Excellent free and easy side gait.

2nd. Martin's Theybyreblue True Velour@ Keishant. Shown in very good condition. Lovely outline. Not the front movement of first but a credit to the owner.

Open Harlequin/Mantle dog 2 (1 abs)

1st. MacDonalds Darrington Wizard by Ravendane. 14 mths harli. Decently marked on a bright white background. Stands on good feet, all pointing the same way. Good neck into well placed shoulders. Nice front with good depth and fill.Full of beans, which is not to be discouraged. Moved well once settled.

Open Dog 3 (0 abs)

1st. Young,Cunningham, Gilbert& Robertson Ch. Gretadane I'm in bother with Iluvadane JW ShCM CeX. Fawn.upstanding, commanding, strong yet retaining elegance. A beautiful head,long and strong, not overdone. Dark eyes, excellent mouth. Good arched neck into excellent frame. His front is very well made. Strong, flat bone. Well padded feet. Good depth of chest. Ample spring of rib. Moved very well, reaching, driving and looking like he could carry on all day. BEST DOG & eventually BEST IN SHOW. Congratulations!

2nd. Sneddon & Booths Culseandanes Tyrion the Imp. Fawn. Again, upstanding. Excellent head giving a kind expression. Well placed ears, used well. Dark, tight eyes. Excellent dentition. Well made all through,excellent width of thigh. Moving well but,front not a match to the BD. Reserve best dog.

Puppy bitch 3 (1 abs)

1st. Fauldor & Cook Keirkane A Picture Perfect . Fawn. Super head, neck & front assembly. Shows a little haw in eye at the moment. Well padded feet. Good, strong flat bone. Another with lots of potential. Moved very well. BPB.

2nd. Smiths Lambrini Directors Cut. Beautifully marked Harlequin with a gleaming white background. Lacking substance and confidence. Good head. Tidy mouth. Excellent length of neck. Moved well once settled.

Junior Bitch 5 (2 abs)

1st. McLellan Roucandane Phoenix Rising at Anadain. 18mth fawn. Lovely expressive face, well set ears.Darkest of eyes, good mouth.very well made all through with plenty of bone. Stands on good feet. Moved beautifully in all directions. I was disappointed that she gave up in the challenge. I really like her.

2nd. Hollands Axeford Arizona of Dramalex. Tall fawn.Good length of leg. Beautiful head with ridge over the nose.Dark eyes & well set ears.short loin. Nice width of thigh. Shown in good condition. Hope her front develops with maturity.

Graduate Bitch 2 (0)

1st. Burgoynes Lambrini Before the Dawn. Nice sized mantle of a good type. A tad long in body.Good head and dentition. Neat ears.very good bone and good feet. Moved very well in all directions.

2nd. Taylor's Tayhamblue Whole Lotta Rosie. Nice size blue. Decent head. Good eyes and mouth. Well muscled. Not the front extension of the winner.

Limit Bitch 4 (2)

1st. Liddells Gretadane Honey Bee. Fawn with a strong yet elegant head. Tight, dark eyes.Good mouth. Could make more use of her ears. Well made front. Strong bone. A tad long in body, however, has the length of leg to enable her to move really well. Nice width of thigh. Shown in top condition with correct muscle tone.

2nd. McGills Clanalba Eile Braigh Mharr for Karnduke. Darker fawn with the best of heads. Good mouth. She used her ears well. Very good length of neck .Good body / leg ratios .Well muscles and conditioning. moved well but not the front extension of the winner.

Open Fawn / Brindle bitch 3 (1 abs)

1st. See 1st in limit bitch.

2nd. Pendleton - Watkins Zefathers What it Takes jw W18 jw. Fawn of good size and overall proportions. Beautiful head with great length and strength. Dark eyes. Well placed ears. Good neck. Moderate angulation front and rear.Tended to pace.

Open black/ blue bitch. 3 (2 abs)

1st. Middleton's Taysca Must be Cartier at Dornoir. Black of medium size. Well made all through. Lovely head with soft expression. Could make more use of her ears to finish the picture. Lovely front and solid topline. Good bone. Good width of thigh. Moved well.

Open Harlequin / mantle bitch 3 (1 abs)

1st. Burgoynes Lambrini Before the Dawn (1st in Graduate).

2nd. Tempest Adoreadane Just the Ticket jw. Nice size , well marked Harlequin on a bright white background. Good mouth. Good length of muzzle. Good neck. Firm topline and adequate croup. Not giving her best on the move.

Open bitch. 1 (0)

1st. Allison's CH. Gretadane Honey Suckle. Fawn of excellent size and substance.Strong, elegant and athletic. Good head. Kind , gentle expressive features Good mouth. Shown in top form. One of the few that moved with correct reach and drive. A very nice Great Dane bitch. Best of sex and RBIS. Congratulations.

Special veteran bitch. 2 (0)

1st. Peppers Leamap Black Caviar at Sarawen. 7 years old, gleaming black. Good mouth.Tight, dark eyes.Strong head without being overdone. Square muzzle. Excellent bone. Well sprung ribs.Short loin. Shown in good condition and moved very well.

2nd. McGills Clannalba Mist Os Glencoe. 7 year old blue. Good overall make and shape. Nice head with alert expression, making good use of her well set ears. Moved well.

Judge - Chris Bithell.

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