Scottish Great Dane Club History

The application for Registration of Title was made by Mr H H Forster, Laurel Villa, Dalkeith, Midlothian, and this is published in the Kennel Gazette of October 1913. Extracts from The Kennel Gazette in November 1923 states: "The applications for the registration of the following titles were granted subject to the regulations for the registration of Associations and Clubs:- The Scottish Great Dane Club."

Another extract from the Kennel Gazette in November 1925 states: "A letter was read from Mr Carlyle Park stating that the Scottish Great Dane Club was only kept on the Register by his personal payment of the annual maintenance fee. The Committee decided to remove the Club from the Register. "

It would appear that the Club was inactive from 1925 until its resurrection in 1964. Had the Club stayed in existence throughout these years it would have been the third oldest Great Dane Cub in Britain.

The "new" Scottish Great Dane Club was formed in 1965 and the Minutes of the first Annual General Meeting read as follows:-

"Founder Members only"

The Annual General Meeting of the Scottish Great Dane Club was held at the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, on 6th March 1965.

Present:- Mrs Harrild, Mr Illingworth, Mr Gilmour, Mr Murray, Mrs Clark, Mrs Kelly, Miss Fleming, Miss Campbell, Mr Bayne, Mr Sherrit, Miss Niven, Mrs Carnegie, Mrs Spencer, Miss Osborne, Mr and Mrs Devlin.

Mr G Gilmour in the Chair.

It was agreed that Mr S Young be asked to be President, Mr J Bayne ~Vice President, Mrs Carnegie ~ Secretary and Treasurer.

Committee:- Mr and Mrs Murray, Mr Sherrit, Mrs Clark, Miss Campbell, Mrs Kelly, Mr Gilmour, Mrs Carnegie, Mrs Harrild.

It was unanimously agreed that subscription should be £/1s/0d single, £/11/6d joint, to be paid on 1st January.

Miss Campbell and Mrs Murray have undertaken to write the newsletter.

As this was the first meeting of the newly formed Club, it was agreed to hold a committee meeting as soon as possible to draw up the Club rules and attend to any further business apparent to the Club.

The first Club Open Show was held in Dumfries in September 1974 and was a great success. We were granted Championship Status in 1980 and held our first Championship Show in September of that year. In 1980 we also became members of the Dane of the Year group and we were hosts of this show in 1982. However, several years later, due mainly to the impracticalities of organising a show held in the Midlands, the committee took the decision to withdraw from this group.

In October 1987, the Scottish Great Dane Club held its first seminar, which was well attended by members. This proved to be another successful venture for the Club. Since then we have organised quite a number of seminars covering a wide range of topics pertaining to Great Danes.

In recent years we have also become part of the combined group of Great Dane Clubs - now The Great Dane Breed Council.The Council meets twice a year in Stafford to discuss the on-going welfare of the Breed.

In recent years the Club has gone from strength to strength. We have many enthusiastic members exhibiting their Danes all over the country.

We run an Open Show and a Championship Show each year. We also produce a yearly Newsletter to keep members informed of Club activities and health items etc.

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