The Club held its AGM on Sunday 24 March 2019 at The Old Folks Hall in Kincardine.
Quaichs were awarded outright to the members who made up a champion in the previous year.

The following dogs gained their title in 2018:

Camburn’s - Ch Garsak Still Game

Chappell & William’s - Ch Selmalda The Journey JW

A Chappell’s - Ch Selmalda ZiZi’s Journey

Donnelly’s - Ch Garsak City Of Angels at Primus

E Khanna’s - Ch Ravendane Maleficent for Harvaxe

Hooker, Lockley & Armour’s - Ch Garsak Adaption

P Price’s - Ch Leamap Chiva Regal

P Price’s - Ch Leamap Iron Maiden

L Morgan Evan’s - Ch Vanmore American Express

Mosvold’s - Ch Ganteus Alpha Americano II Decimo

Ryan & George’s - Ch Keirkanes Kiss From Heaven

S Searles’s - Ch Zamu Zoran Giants May Be’s Place Murrayvhayle (Imp Ned)

J Walton’s - Ch Ravendane Rose Liqueur

The Annual Points Trophies were awarded as follows:

King Trophy
Young, Cunningham & Robertson & Gilbert’s I’m in bother with iluvadane JW ShCM

Eve Niven Memorial Trophy:
Sneddon and Booth’s Ch Culseandanes House of Tully

Ian Nimmo Memorial Trophy:
Sneddon and Booth’s Culseandanes Tyrion the Imp

Maid To Measure Memorial Quiach:
Hooker and Armour’s Diplomatics Virginia Wolf Garsark

Ian Mc Allister Memorial Quaich:
Sneddon and Booth’s Ch Culseandanes House of Tully

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