The Club held its AGM on in February at The Old Folks Hall in Kincardine.

Quaichs were awarded outright to the members who made up a champion in the previous year.

Mrs S Bishton’s - Ch Jaydania Fred Astaire JW

Mrs S Bishton’s - Ch Garsak Jodie of Jaydania

Mrs S Booth’s - Ch Kemanilo Total Magic

Miss S Sangster ’s - Ch Lomodane A Guid Blether ShCM

Mrs N Young’s - Ch Tawnybrae Three Against One at Iluvadane

The Annual Points Trophies were awarded as follows:

King Trophy:
Cunningham/Robertson & Gilbert - Ch Lomondane Its Nae Bother JW ShCM

Eve Niven Memorial Trophy:
Young & Gilbert - Lomondane Jeelie Piece

Ian Nimmo Memorial Trophy:
Adamson/Cunningham & Robertson - Lomondane Am No Galikit

Maid To Measure Memorial Quiach:
Armour & Hooker - Garksak All In the Game

Ian Mc Allister Memorial Quaich:
Adamson/Cunningham & Robertson - Ch Lomondane Its Nae Bother JW ShCM

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