Scottish Great Dane Club Awards 2012

The Club held its AGM on Sunday 24th February 2013 at The Old Folks Hall in Kincardine.

Quaichs were awarded outright to the members who made up a champion in the previous year.

Mrs S Bishton’s - Ch Jaydania Fred Astaire JW

Mrs S Bishton’s - Ch Garsak Jodie of Jaydania

Mrs S Booth’s - Ch Kemanilo Total Magic

Miss S Sangster ’s - Ch Lomodane A Guid Blether ShCM

Mrs N Young’s - Ch Tawnybrae Three Against One at Iluvadane

The Annual Points Trophies were awarded as follows:

King Trophy:
Cunningham/Robertson & Gilbert - Ch Lomondane Its Nae Bother JW ShCM

Eve Niven Memorial Trophy:
Young & Gilbert - Lomondane Jeelie Piece

Ian Nimmo Memorial Trophy:
Adamson/Cunningham & Robertson - Lomondane Am No Galikit

Maid To Measure Memorial Quiach:
Armour & Hooker - Garksak All In the Game

Ian Mc Allister Memorial Quaich:
Adamson/Cunningham & Robertson - Ch Lomondane Its Nae Bother JW ShCM

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